I tried to post this before but it gotten eaten.

So I went on a little spending spree at Artilleri and got some great pieces and then was trying to figure out the perfect place to take a picture — which turned out to be Artilleri! On the beach, which is on the other side of the houses.

After I figured out that I was really happy. Until I started crashing trying to take pictures.   But it turned out pretty

So I’m wearing

Skin:  Curio Sunny- Cloud 1 Sundust

Hair Lamb – Witch -Ink STUMBLEBUM!


Top:  Artilleri – Sailorette Blue (comes with pin)

Pants Artilleri -1st Mate capris  Dark Blue

Shoes – Fri.day Basic White Flats – SUNNY SIM FREEBIE

Glasses – Artilleri – Greta Sunglasses Nautical Blue – part of a Fifty Linden Friday set

Necklace – Yummy! Nautical Charm Necklace

pose was one from the Pose Fair Exclusive pack.

So what have I got on?

We moved. Again. Really

I need to start calling this – We moved. Again.

Anyhoo… we moved this time to a great sim with friends. YAY. And I’m totally bunny obsessed 10 lives soon to be 12 lives.   So we’re trying to landscape our area and then we have a skybox.

And here I am – lugging plants around.

We moved. Again

Just when Saken and I get all happy in one spot we end up moving. This time we wanted more space after downgrading.

But it’s a nice space and we have bunnies. BUNNEHS! Except they won’t breed.  Maybe I shouldn’t have named them Anya and Xander.

And I have been pushing myself to take pretty pictures since I have a ton of poses and props  and mess around with textures and effects although so far I’m still having issues with understanding how things work in Photoshop.  But pretty picture –

I used a photobox from Tuft.  And messed around a bit. The pose is from PDA which is no longer in the pose business.  Of course AFTER I did this picture I found the right hairstyle from Fri.day. But this one from Tiny Bird isn’t bad, just not exactly what I wanted.

Eh well, I feel pretty.

Cleaning out my inventory and I found a lot of things. One things I realized is that there are shops that I loved and regularly shopped at that I just don’t go to anymore.  Ivalde is one. The clothes are beautiful and yet, I haven’t been in ages. I bought my first dress there. It took me days to decide which one.  I also got my first lucky chair item there. I didn’t even know what a lucky chair was! someone just said “Sit here Beatrix!” and so I did and then I got this green dress, which I’ve since deleted.

I still have the first shoes, hair, and skin I bought. Not freebies or dollarbies but the first ones I actually spent money on.  When I bought my first skin it was a fatpack of Slink skins called Deena. I remember that Siddean was kind enough to put the skin on me so I could see.  I wanted to see what a certain make up looked like.

First things I bought

Of the things I’m wearing here the only place I s hop on a regular basis is Deviant (formerly Deviant Kitties) and the hair is still available but retextured. The shape is still available too.

I don’t have any of the first freebie stuff I got. I deleted that a long time ago. I remember going through  my inventory and finding the last of the stuff from the freebie places and DELETE DELETE DELETE it felt like a big step in my second life.

I’m trying this blogging thing again.  Not exactly trying to be fashiony but just posting whatever but mostly for myself.

We moved again recently.  We’re going for smaller and smaller places but frankly I want my Lindens to go to stuff more than rent on a larger place.  Plus when we had the island we were outside all the time.  Then we didn’t have a home and we found a great rental and now moved into a smaller place because we were using one room.  It’s 250 prims which is tight but I’ve managed to do a lot.

Our Surf shack

It’s not huge but it’s nice you can see the front porch with the swing from Swings N Things and the colorful tree is from Oddment. Oh and the I Love you Easel from mudshake. I LOVE mudshake.

I’ve actually rearranged since I took this but I’m too lazy to retake pictures. Besides I’ll probably move things around again.  Here are some views of the inside:

The picture, desk, candles, couch, and the box of books beside the desk are all from mudshake.  The other box of books, the flowers and the pillows were Designer Showcase Network gifts. The little pillow is for the cat, which disappeared but has since reappeared.

A better view of the couch, plus the coffee table and the tiny piano. I couldn’t have my engagement piano – not enough room — so this is nice one.

And we have a dock but no boat currently it’s got a raft on it so we can sit out and listen to music and organize inventory or something.  Yesterday I hit up the Haiti donation sale on the Scribble sim and bought something and then SL ate it so I bought it again, no big deal since it’s for charity. After that a friend came over and Forsaken and I shared pictures of our SL past and I moved furniture.  Oh and I added some picture frames with more pictures and I’m still under 200 prims! Which is good because I like opening boxes at home and occasionally a box can be really prim heavy.

I’m actually going to write a post and then post it and not try and edit it a million times and then forget it.

Second Life has been amazing and I’m having a great time I’ve found some really cool places to hang out and some cool people to hang out with.  The main places you will find me are the  Hell Bop on the Floating Comet Mall and Comet Club (also on FCM– that’s where I work as a dancer, I just started) and also the Lounge of Dreams. All the people are really nice and amazing. I’ve gotten some great advice and had a good time.

When I first started I didn’t know what to expect, I read some SL fashion blogs so I saw what avatars looked like and what fashion was like but I wasn’t sure what I’d look like. My style is slowly evolving. I’m not high fashion at all. I’m trying to learn to mix up outfits and accessorize (RL I’m a rather plain dresser). But one thing that’s become very clear is I’m purple. I didn’t set out to be purple, in fact I tried to be restrained and not wear purple clothes and hair all the time. But then the Another Skin Fundraiser happened and there are some great purple skins and so I started wearing them and it felt right. I love my “normal” skins that I bought from SLink (and I wear those for work), they have the make up look that I wanted.  But I’m purple! That’s just how it is.  Also I have wings. I recently bought a pair of dragonfly wings from Seven, they came with different colors and there’s a HUD to change the transparency, style (solid, droopy, etc), and size.  I’m wearing them more and more as everyday.

So that’s me. Purple with wings. Picture will follow soon.

One thing I want to do with this blog is an Outfit/Dress A day post. Even if it’s not something I’ve worn that day in SL (and I change my clothes quite often) it will help me get a handle on my inventory.  Especially since I love love love the freebies and I’m trying to mix them so that I can wear them and it doesn’t look exactly like  the same thing that everyone else is wearing.

Post the First

I’m having a blast in SL and I wanted to have a journal becuase I love writing journals and, well, this way I can put my favorite journals on my blog roll.

I wanted something clever for the title but maybe fell short and hit corny but that’s okay, I can always change it.

My rez date is Feb 2, 2007 (coming up!) but it’s a cheat because I’ve only been in world about a month, technical issues kept me away. I’ve also been really lucky because I’ve met a ton of great people and neat places and haven’t had to deal with a lot of the BS that I’ve heard about. (at least until recently, FYI calling a woman a bitch isn’t usually a good pick up line).

You can usually find me hanging out at the Floating Comet Mall, either at the Comet Club or Hell Bop Bar, although lately I’ve been exploring more. I’m trying to learn to take better pictures to document my adventures and also the cool things that happen.

Hello world!

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